Dr. Alan Allery Award


Each year at our Annual Wisdom Steps Conference we award the “Dr. Alan Allery Wisdom Steps Preventive Health Award.

Dr. Allery was the first director of the National Resource Center on Native American Aging, which was started in 1994. He was very instrumental in the development of Wisdom Steps. Dr. Allery passed on in 2007 and the following year Wisdom Steps developed this award in his honor. In 2008, the first award was dedicated to Dr. Allery and received by his family. Each year, Wisdom Steps gives this prestigious award to honor one person in Minnesota who has exemplified good preventive health.


Award Recipients

2008:             Dr. Alan Allery Family

2009:             Al Thunder, Red Lake

2010:             Simon and Ruby Beaulieu, Minneapolis/St. Paul

2011:             Leonard Wells, White Earth

2012:             Patty Winchell Dahl, Grand Portage

2013:             Evelyn Christiansen, Fond du Lac

2014:             Carolyn Schommer, Upper Sioux

2015:             Helen Cummings, Leech Lake

2016:             Ferdinand Martineau,  Fond du Lac

2017:             Dr. Kham Vay Ung, White Earth

2018:             Daniel Walker, Fond du Lac

2019:             James Spry, Grand Portage